Pinellas County Tax Collector Helps Promote Healthy Vision

image of stuffed animals available for purchase

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL – Dinosaurs and unicorns and bears, oh my!

This March the Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office is partnering with Preserve Vision Florida to support its focus on promoting a lifetime of proper vision care through research, education, screening, and advocacy.

Throughout the month, all offices will offer an array of vision-related items for purchase such as sunglasses, lens cloths, and stuffed animals that double as a glasses or contact lens holder.  All proceeds benefit Preserve Vision Florida.

Bikers Care specialty tag image

The “Bikers Care” Florida motorcycle specialty tag benefits Preserve Vision Florida and funds its mission to promote healthy vision care.

Also, motorcyclists who want to join the cause can elect to purchase the “Bikers Care” red, white, and blue specialty plate.

According to Preserve Vision Florida, 1 in 4 school-aged children have some form of vision problem and within a 12-year span, diabetic retinopathy occurrences have increased 89%.

“Preserve Vision Florida offers vital vision care to children and adults who may not otherwise receive it.  The Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office is happy to support a cause that helps our future drivers and keeps our roads safer,” said Pinellas County Tax Collector Charles W. Thomas.

An assortment of items is available for a contribution to Preserve Vision Florida, including lens cloths ($1), sunglasses ($5), stylus pens ($7), Lenz Frenz® contact lens secret storage stuffed animals ($10), and large sized Lenz Frenz® stuffed animals with a padded hard case for glasses ($25).

The Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office is joining forces with six Florida nonprofits throughout 2019.  Charitable organizations submitted applications and are selected based on the organization’s mission and local impact.

For more information about Preserve Vision Florida, visit