2018 Property Tax Collection Opens for Pinellas Property Owners

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL — Pinellas County Tax Collector Charles W. Thomas is pleased to announce his office is now accepting payments for 2018 property taxes. In total, there are 493,564 bills totaling $1.6 billion on the 2018 tax roll.

Property tax bills were mailed October 31. Property owners should expect to receive their bill within the next few days. In addition, the Tax Collector’s Office emailed 18,391 bills on November 1 to property owners who requested electronic billing.

Don’t want to wait to see your bill? You can view it online. Visit https://taxcollect.com/property-tax-disclaimer/ and select the “I Accept” button at the bottom of the screen. Bills are searchable by the owner name, address, and account or parcel number. You can also pay your bill online with no extra fee by selecting the eCheck payment option.

When it comes to property taxes, paying early has its perks. Bills paid in November receive a 4% discount. The discount drops to 3% in December, 2% in January, and 1% in February. There is no discount for March payments. Property taxes must be paid in full by April 1, 2019 to avoid late fees.

“Yes, you’ll save a stamp by paying your property tax bill online. But you’ll also get peace of mind knowing that your payment was received in time for the discount,” said Thomas. “Online payments process quicker than mailed checks, so you’ll see it reflected in your checking account within a few days.”

Property owners are encouraged to visit the Property Tax page at taxcollect.com for any questions regarding their property tax bill. November is the busiest month in Tax Collector offices and hold times are longer than usual to reach the call center. Last November, Pinellas County Tax Collector offices served over 6,300 customers answered nearly 2,000 phone calls each day. Call volume also increases in March as the property tax deadline approaches.

The office of Tax Collector was established by the Florida Constitution in 1885 to collect property taxes and other taxes at a local level. The dollars collected are sent to 56 different taxing authorities in Pinellas County, including the Board of County Commissioners, School Board, cities, and more.

For more information about property taxes, visit the Property Tax page at taxcollect.com.

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ABOUT THE PINELLAS COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR’S OFFICE: The Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office is a constitutionally elected office. Responsibilities include collecting and distributing state and local taxes and providing driver license and motor vehicle registration services to Pinellas County residents. For more information, visit taxcollect.com.