Disabled Parking Permits


Florida Disabled Person Parking Permit may be issued to anyone with disabilities or organizations that regularly transport people with disabilities. The permit belongs to the disabled person and can be used in any vehicle that the disabled person is using. The disabled person’s Florida driver license or identification card needs to be available when permit is in use.


  • The completed application must be signed by the applicant and a certifying authority/licensed physician. A complete list of certifying authorities/physicians can be found on the back page of the application.
  • A Florida driver license number or Florida identification card number is required, unless the authorized physician certifies that the applicant’s disability is too severe to visit or be transported to an office to obtain a driver license or identification card.
  • Organizations providing regular transportation services to disabled persons must provide either a Federal Employers Identification Number (FEIN) or a Florida sales tax registration number.
  • Faxed or photocopied signatures are NOT accepted.

Permit Types and Cost

Permanent Permit – No Cost
The blue disabled parking permit is valid for four years and expires on the owner’s birthday. Permits issued to an organization expire in four years on June 30.

Temporary Permit – $15.00
The red temporary permit is issued for a time period specified by the certifying authority, not to exceed six months. Temporary permits may be extended by completing a new application.

How to Obtain a Disabled Permit

Submit the completed, signed Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit and payment (if applicable) to:

Pinellas County Tax Collector
P.O. Box 6288
Clearwater, FL 33758

Applicants may also bring their application and payment (if applicable) in person to a Tax Collector office or deposit it at any Tax Collector drop box. Please note that the Courthouse office does not process disabled permits. Click here for Tax Collector office locations.

Wheelchair License Plate

People with long-term mobility impairments, or who are certified as legally blind, may request a wheelchair license plate for a motor vehicle registered in their name, in lieu of receiving a permanent disable parking permit. Click here for more information.

Vehicles displaying the International Wheelchair Suffix and other license plates, including disabled veteran, disabled veteran wheelchair, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and motorcycle wheelchair emblem license plates, do not need a disabled parking permit to use handicapped parking spots.

Need assistance?

Pinellas County’s Human Services team is here to help residents obtain basic medical care, receive financial services, family housing assistance, and a host of services that includes a Mobile Medical Unit that travels to neighborhoods to bring help to those who need it most. Click here to visit their website for more information.