Florida DHSMV Shifts Gears on Driver License Requirement 

TALLAHASSEE, FL- The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) announced earlier this month that Florida Class E drivers whose licenses have been expired one year or longer must complete a knowledge exam before they can get a valid license. The Class E license is the standard driver license in the state of Florida.

Previously, when a driver license expired, there was no testing requirement in place regardless of how long it’s been expired.  Exceptions to this applied only to situations where the license was revoked due to legal or other personal circumstances.

The FLHSMV asserts that this new requirement is to ensure that Florida drivers remain knowledgeable of the vehicle driving laws. The knowledge exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions about Florida traffic laws and safe driving practices. 40 out of 50 correct answers, or an 80% score, is required to pass the exam.

FLHSMV has provided the following examples of instances in which taking a knowledge exam will be necessary:

  1. Someone who has already completed the knowledge exam but did not apply it to a driver license issuance within one year of the exam date.
  2. Anyone who downgraded from a driver license to an ID card and the driver license on record has been expired for a year or longer.
  3. If someone’s license has expired and they did not apply for renewal within the one-year delinquent renewal period.
  4. Those applying for a Florida driver license whose out-of-state license has been expired for a year or longer.

Driver license services, including testing, are available at the Pinellas County Tax Collector’s office by appointment only. Customers can schedule online at taxcollect.com.

For more information about the DHSMV and its policies, visit https://www.flhsmv.gov/.


ABOUT THE PINELLAS COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR’S OFFICE: The Pinellas County Tax Collector’s Office is a constitutionally elected office. Responsibilities include collecting and distributing state and local taxes and providing driver license and motor vehicle registration services to Pinellas County residents. For more information, visit taxcollect.com.