Employee Emergency Information

Pinellas County Tax Collector Employee Hotline: 727-464-3683

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates:

UPDATE #2 (03.19.20 7:15 p.m.)

As you may know, effective immediately, all Pinellas County Tax Collector offices are closed to the public.  Employees are to report to work according their group A or B schedule.  If you are unclear which group you are assigned to, please contact your management for clarification.

If you are unable to show up for your scheduled shift, please adhere to the regular call-in policy.

Thank you.

UPDATE #1 (03.14.20 11:35 a.m.)

As you may know, late Friday afternoon, a decision was made to close all public schools from March 16th through March 27th.  We understand that this decision may place some of our employees in a position where previously arranged childcare is no longer available.  In order to assist the employees that this decision will effect in that manner, the following process will be implemented from March 16th through  March 27th.

If you are a parent or legal guardian of school age children that require supervision and you do not have any other means of childcare, absences from March 16th through March 27th will be considered scheduled with the following items being in place:

  • Absences will be deducted from all available leave banks including annual leave and floating holidays.
    • If you do not have enough leave available, all available leave banks including annual leave and floating holidays must be exhausted, prior to going into an approved leave without pay status.
  • You must report your absences to your supervisor on a weekly basis and indicate how your leave will be used – such as scheduled annual leave, floating holiday, or approved leave without pay after all available leave is exhausted.

Please remember that we are trying to balance taking care of all employees, their families and the citizens of Pinellas County.  If you have other childcare options available, please utilize them.  This process is based on the honor system and we trust all employees to do the right thing.

Other individual situations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

We are all concerned about the coronavirus and keeping everyone healthy.

Please check the PCTC Employee Hotline at # 727-464-3683 for updated messages.