License Plates

Standard Plates

The current designs of the standard Florida license plate feature two Florida oranges with an orange blossom and an image of the State of Florida in the background. Click here for a list of available Florida license plates, including specialty plates.

Personalized Plates

Both the standard and specialty plates can be personalized. See form HSMV 83043 for information on the combinations of letters and numerals that are acceptable for each type of plate. The first time a personalized plate is issued, a manufacturing fee of $28.00 is charged, along with the other costs, taxes, and fees. Renewal of a personalized plate may be done with the regular registration after the first year for an additional $15.00. With certain exceptions, personalized plates may be ordered for private or company owned cars, trucks, motor homes, and motorcycles. Applications for personalized plates are submitted to the Tax Collector’s office. DHSMV also provides an online Personalized License Plate Inquiry, which allows you to find out if a personalized plate configuration is available. Please contact our customer service representatives at 727-464-7777 if you have any questions or need assistance with pricing.

Disabled Veterans Plates

The applicant must have been a Florida resident for the past five years and honorably discharged from the armed forces with a service-connected 100% disability rating from the Veterans Affairs Office. A fee of $10.00 is submitted with proof of residency, disability, and current Florida insurance. Disabled Veterans license plates may be renewed yearly or biennially at the Tax Collector’s office after submitting proof of Florida insurance and a statement of continued eligibility.

Only one tax-free license plate can be issued to each disabled veteran with a 100% service connected disability. Additional disabled veteran license plates may be issued by charging regular registration tax and fees.

Special Requirements Plates

Contact us at 727-464-7777 for detailed information on the following plates. Additional verification of eligibility is required for most of these plates:

Amateur Radio, Antique/Authenticated, County/City/State-owned vehicles, Custom Vehicle, Dealer, Ex-POW, Florida National Guard, Gold Star Family, Horseless Carriage, Apportioned/International Registration Plan, Medal of Honor, Moped, Paralyzed Veterans, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart, Temporary Employed, Temporary License Plates, U.S. Paratroopers, U.S. Reserve, Wheelchair, Wrecker, and Tax Exempt X-Series.

Specialty Plates

Click here for a list of Florida’s specialty license plates.

A specialty plate may be purchased instead of the standard plate. The best time to do so is when the current plate is due for replacement (this occurs every ten years). Specialty plates may also be purchased before the current plate is due, at an extra price.

In addition to the yearly registration renewal fee, an additional annual use fee is charged for each specialty plate. This fee is applied to the fund used to support the cause for which the plate was designed. A $5.00 annual processing fee is also collected. The following link from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides more in-depth information about each plate, including fee information (please note: annual use fees shown on these pages do not include the $5.00 annual processing fee). Please contact our customer service representatives at 727-464-7777 if you have any questions or need assistance with pricing.