Medical Concerns

Driving is a part of life. Going to school and work, picking up the kids or grandchildren, going to the grocery store, etc., but sometimes life gets in the way of driving. No matter our age, changes in our physical, mental and visual conditions can adversely affect our ability to drive.

We do not want you to harm yourself, or anyone else, while you’re behind the wheel. Part of our job is to prevent that from happening, and we take that job seriously.

If we have questions about your driving safety, we may ask you to complete a road test. You may take the road test immediately, or you may take time to prepare. Don’t worry, we will answer any questions you have and will give you resources to help you prepare for the test. We will even make an appointment for your return visit.

Please understand that we all develop bad driving habits, so be aware of that during the test. You may want to review the Florida’s Driver’s Handbook to reacquaint yourself with the rules of the road. During the test, our advice is to relax, follow the tester’s instructions carefully, and concentrate on driving. There are no surprises during the road test.

If we have any additional concerns after your road test, we may refer your case to Tallahassee for a more detailed review. If this happens, you will hear directly from the Medical Review Board.

If it is determined that you cannot drive anymore, do not worry, you can still stay actively connected to your family, friends, and community. There are numerous transportation options throughout Pinellas County. Find out more about alternative transportation options from the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, Inc. The FHSMV’s GrandDriver Program is also a great resource for information on driving safety and transportation options. They also have a website dedicated to frequently asked questions.

Concerned about a loved one driving?

Reporting a medically unsafe driver may be difficult, especially if the driver is a loved one. However, removing unsafe drivers from the road is often necessary for their safety as well as the wel­fare of others. Your actions may prevent a motor vehicle crash and save lives. Remember, report­ing an unsafe driver is confidential. Your identity is protected under Florida law. Find out more on reporting an unsafe driver.