IMPORTANT: Appointments can be made up to 90 days in advance. You are required to bring proper documentation to your appointment, or we may not be able to complete the transaction.

Select your appointment type for transaction requirements:

Driver License/Motor Vehicle Appointments

Driver Licenses and ID’s*

*This includes renewals, replacements, and originals for new and existing Florida residents.

Title, Registration, and Parking Placard Transactions

Both Driver License and Title Transactions*

*New to Florida? If you need to complete multiple transactions in a single visit, we have you covered.

Road Test

General Knowledge Test (computer-based driving test)*

General Knowledge Test with an Interpreter*

*The General Knowledge Test is available in English, Spanish, Creole, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. To take the test in another language, customers must bring an interpreter.

Commercial Driver License Appointments

CDL Test

CDL Transactions (NO HAZMAT)

CDL with Hazmat Endorsement

Concealed Weapon License Appointments

Concealed Weapon License Application (Original)

Concealed Weapon License Renewal